6-MAM Heroin specific drug testing strips

ALLTEST 6-MAM Heroin Specific Drug Testing Strips

  • £12.49

ALLTEST 6-Mono-Aceto-Morphine (6-MAM) urine drug testing strips 6-MAM is specific to Heroin use and will not give a positive result for any other Opiate.
Key points:
• 10ng sensitivity. 
• Detects 6-MAM for up to 5 days after last heroin use. 
• Since 6-MAM is a unique metabolite to heroin, its presence in the urine confirms that heroin was the opioid used.
• Quick and easy to use urine drug test strip
• Read result in 3-5 minutes
• Full CE & international quality certified test.
• Each drug test kit is an individually foil wrapped urine drug test strip. 
• 98.8% accuracy

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