Drug & Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

Introducing drug and alcohol testing in the workplace for the first time can be a daunting process.

We have helped thousands of large and small companies select a safe accurate and appropriate method of testing for drugs and alcohol.

Screening for drugs and alcohol with on-site test kits makes good business sense. This is often referred to as Point of Care Testing (POCT) It is a lot cheaper than Laboratory testing every one of your staff. Negative, all clear results are available in under 10 minutes and personnel back at work in 15! The drug test membranes in rapid onsite POCT's from 96-99% accuracy compared to laboratory tests. Accuracy looks at false negative and false positive test rates as well as specificity, selectivity, and sensitivity. ALLTEST and InstAlert tests are considered the best quality available anywhere.

UK Business On-Site Screening Guidelines

There are no official guidelines in the UK for using POCT drug tests in business. You are free to select either Saliva or Urine drug tests, whichever best suits your requirements.

We actually suggest saliva drug tests for most workplace screening as they tend to focus on what's going on right there, at the point of testing, rather than what may have been taken a week before.

Urine drug testing kits have a role in employment screening, especially pre-employment drug testing and in more safety-critical roles where employers require a drug-free behavior pattern. Cup drug tests are preferred as the all in one collection and test design is great for business users.

What training is required?

There is no current formal training or qualification requirement for workplace drug and alcohol testing in the UK. Employers should allocate the drug testing to nominated staff who can demonstrate a good working knowledge of the test kit procedure, paperwork, and sample handling. sounds complicated? well, it isn't, In reality, these test kits are no more complicated than home pregnancy tests. 

Record keeping

We can provide a templated procedure and records form which is easily adaptable to the specific test kits in use and acts as your paper record for all tests.

We also provide easy video guides as part of our sales materials for the type of tests you buy, see our video-product-demonstration links in each product listing.

We can provide on-site training in drugs and alcohol awareness, training for key staff and product on-site demonstration if required.

Confirm all non-negative on-site result with a lab test.

Confirm all non-negative results with a back to laboratory GC/MS test. This protects your business if a result is contested and keeps you legal and compliant with "best practice" By non-negative we mean any positive on-site result indicating the possibility of a drug being detected, even when this may be down to a prescription of self-medicated medicine (no on-site POCT can differentiate in this situation, so a GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) test needs to be performed on the sample to determine the exact compound causing the on-site positive test.)

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