triple cannabis drug testing kit cannabis and synthetic cannabis test kit

ALLTEST 3 Panel Drug Test Kit

  • £4.66

The ultimate drug test kit to screen for both Cannabis and Synthetic Cannabis drugs combined in a triple panel test for THC, K2 spice and APB (AB-PINICA)

  • A single 3-panel urine drug test kit
  • Most comprehensive drug screen available for Cannabis and Synthetic Cannabis including for the first time a test for AB-PINICA (sold as AKB48)
  • Screen for 3 common forms of Cannabis in one easy to use 99% accurate urine drug test. 
  • Highly accurate, easy to use and read with results in under 5 minutes.
  • Foil wrapped for long shelf life
  • Full easy to follow drug-testing instructions sent with every order.
  • Next day UK delivery available.

Screens for 3 common forms of Cannabis with one drug test kit

  • Cannabis THC, 50ng 5-30 days
  • K2 Spice (Synthetic Cannabis ) 25ng 2-3 days
  • ABP (Apica, Apiniaca, AKB48) ) 10ng 2-5 days

The detection periods indicate the window after usage during which you would expect detection to still be possible, so for example for ABP, after using the test would be positive for between 2, and a maximum of 5 days.

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